Well-being is that optimal alignment of a person’s lifespan, with their healthspan and their wealthspan.

Visualizing Life's Journey

What is the grand vision – the panorama for your life? Panorama means the expansive view that exceeds the gaze, forcing the viewer to turn his or her head in order to take everything in.

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Life Wheel

The Life Wheel is one tool that helps you to examine how you balance all the competing areas of your life, gauge your satisfaction and assess the current state of balance in your life. The Life Wheel is a great way to visualize your life’s journey.

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Creating Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Living an abundant life and pursuing financial well-being are worthy goals throughout our lives. Financial comfort and security are individually defined; indeed, there is no “app” for that. And, we often find we have raised the bar or redefined how much we need to sustain a contented and meaningful existence.

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Five Stages of Progression in Advisor-Client Relationships

According to the foundational theory in interpersonal communications, Mark Knapp, professor and researcher at University of Texas in the 1970s, there are five stages of progression in any kind relationship: initiation, experimentation, intensifying, integration, and bonding.

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Discovering What Matters Most

When we are at our best, applying our energies to what matters to us, the natural result is greater fulfillment. It takes intention and focus to align our time and energy with our personal values. Even when we seek change, it doesn’t come easily to us; people need help getting there. And that begins with an exploration of their unique Network Profile or how we connect to one another.

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