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Having the right technology is key to creating to the best client experience and advisor experience. Our platform starts with a turnkey, single sign-on advisor workstation.

While we believe that our advisor workstation provides you with the power to efficiently and effectively manage your clients and assets from one platform, we also know that in order to compete in today’s environment, it’s important to have the flexibility to leverage third party applications so you can meet the unique needs of the clients you serve.

We’re here to partner with you to build the right solution for your business so you can spend more time creating the client experience you want.

We believe that the technology advisors use should be simple, intuitive, and has their needs at its center. And with us that means SmartStation®, our single sign-on, fully integrated advisor workstation designed to help manage real-time client data, account performance, trading tools, portfolio reporting, contact management and much more.

Workstation + Flexibility
To create that custom technology experience and take our workstation to the next level, we offer application programming interfaces (APIs) and webhooks which can deliver real-time data to the third party applications you choose to run side-by-side with SmartStation, including account, client and position data, service request status, and reporting. We can also provide end-of-day batch data to third party applications which don’t require real-time data.

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We know that in today’s 24-hr world, the digital and mobile experience for clients and advisors is an essential part of the financial advisor – client relationship. Clients want to monitor and manage their accounts whenever it’s convenient for them and advisors want the flexibility to manage their clients and keep an eye on their business outside of the traditional office setting. Our platform provides options for both.

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