As life expectancy and overall health have increased, many clients are redefining what retirement means.

Helping Clients Navigate Longevity

The impact of caregiving cannot be understated as its influence and impact on healthspans and wealthspans of these three generational demographics will be the focus of another important topic we will tackle. And, since one of the largest investments throughout our lives is our homes, we will also investigate the evolving and expanding choices, costs and conversations of where to live as we grow older whether that means adapting our homes for lifespan livability or seeking new adventures in transformative alternative communities.

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An Aging Nation

When it comes to guiding clients in their wealth management, it is not enough for financial advisors to know our society is engaged in an unprecedented age boom where we are living longer. In fact, by 2035 for the first time in American history, we will have more people over age 65 than children under age 18. Longevity is the new normal.

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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Many business organizations have used Maslow’s five-stage pyramid about the ascending transitional nature of life. This theory can also be applied to financial planning beginning with the physiological survival needs including breathing, food, water, shelter, sleep and sex (which are still essential into your 80s and beyond) ultimately reaching the top of the pyramid of self-actualization that includes morality, creativity, spontaneity, discovery and contribution.

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