The time has come to restate the advisor value proposition and redefine the essential value in clients’ lives.

Tony Sirianni: Navigating an Industry in Transition

So you might want to ask yourself two questions. How nimble are you and how curious are you about finding new approaches to discovering what matters most to clients today? For the business of advice to remain relevant and capitalize on this opportunity, it has to change its value structure. This has potentially broad implications, from how clients pay for the services we provide, to the scope of services and how they’re delivered, and the role the clients want to play in the experience. It also has to recognize that while we’re traditionally focused on those who’ve accumulated a certain amount of assets, which points to a certain age group, we need to address how we deliver value across all age cohorts, regardless of where they sit on the path to what I like to call the third half of life. So as an advisor, how do you embrace this opportunity? That’s what our guest today Tony Sirianni is here to help us explore. How we can productively navigate an industry in transition.

The Next Frontier with Bill Coppel

Tony Sirianni: Navigating an Industry in Transition

In a world of perpetual uncertainty and accelerating change, holistic advice and guidance become even more valuable. In this episode, Tony Sirianni, Publisher and Owner of AdvisorHub, joins host Bill Coppel -- Managing Director and Chief Client Growth Officer at First Clearing -- to explore new approaches to delivering value for an industry in transition.

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Digital Disruption: Is the Financial Advisor’s Value Under Siege?

A steady drumbeat by the media and technology-driven competitors has suggested something is terribly wrong with the traditional brokerage relationship and, in particular, the client-advisor relationship. The brand of full-service investment advice that the industry has historically delivered is under attack. At the same time, escalating regulatory oversight and compelling technology platforms are converging. The headwinds the industry faces suggest a time of significant change is here.

No one factor is the root cause; rather, there are multiple influences at work. Some are environmental, coming at us from the outside. Others fall within the realm of human nature because they’re all about how people feel and prioritize their lives.

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