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The Next Frontier Digest provides a monthly recap of our own well-being content along with a sampling of content from other thought leaders that we think you will enjoy.

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Digest issues

February 2022

The Next Frontier Digest - February 2022

Your business may be the most valuable asset you own. It embodies your life’s work, the relationships you’ve cultivated, and the goals you’ve achieved. On a practical level, your business is also a significant financial resource.
Tapping the financial value of the asset you’ve built takes advance planning, which is easy to neglect when you’re still in the fray, running a thriving business. So how do you help clients navigate life’s transitions and pivots while also mapping out your own next chapter?
In this month’s Digest, we’re serving up insights that consider both the economic and emotional aspects of leveraging your firm’s value to support your unique personal vision.

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January 2022

The Next Frontier Digest - January 2022

It’s a new year, but many of the same challenges continue to confront us. So in the midst of these realities, how do we think about the future of our businesses? What will it take to compete and how do we need to alter our thinking? 
We may not have all the answers, but what we do know is that cultivating a learning and growth mindset can help us see opportunities, rather than threats, and to respond proactively with a clear sense of purpose. 
In this month’s Digest, we’re serving up insights to help you and your clients move forward with confidence.

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December 2021

The Next Frontier Digest - December 2021

We’re in the midst of a transformational time. And as 2021 comes to a close, it’s important to pause, reflect on where we’ve been, and set our intentions for the coming year.
As the saying goes, “What we focus on expands.” With that in mind, setting thoughtful intentions can be the first step to establishing personal and professional goals that make way for larger, more meaningful progress.
In this month’s Digest, we’re serving up insights to help you examine your role in the evolving advice business and position you to guide clients on a path to well-being.

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November 2021

The Next Frontier Digest - November 2021

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us to be grateful, but the proven benefits of gratitude are too important to be celebrated on just one day.
Expressing gratitude makes us more vulnerable and authentic. At the same time, the process of acknowledging others helps build trust and enhances our personal and professional relationships.
In this month’s Digest, you’ll find insights on how the habit of gratitude can be an important ingredient in both our business success and overall well-being.

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October 2021

The Next Frontier Digest - October 2021

Life is a series of transitions and pivots. And whether they’re unexpected or planned, these times of uncertainty can disrupt our sense of well-being. Fortunately, navigating life’s transitions is a skill we can learn and master. In this month’s Digest, you’ll find insights that can help you guide clients as they prepare to welcome meaningful change into their lives.

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September 2021

The Next Frontier Digest - September 2021

As the school year gets into full swing, we’re reminded that a good education can give us a leg up in life. But formal education is only one way to learn, and to remain relevant in the 21st century, our learning years shouldn’t end when we receive our diplomas.
To survive and thrive in the evolving advice business, we need to be lifelong learners. No, I’m not talking about earning more CE credits. I’m talking about developing a “curiosity mindset” that allows for fresh thinking and new approaches that help us adapt to constant change.
The most successful financial advisors are always learning − drawing on skills and borrowing resources from the best in every field. So in this month’s Digest, we’re serving up insights that can help you challenge status quo thinking and gain new perspectives on what it means to productively navigate an industry in transition.

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August 2021

The Next Frontier Digest - August 2021

COVID-19 will likely reshape clients’ sentiments and expectations for generations to come. But one thing is for sure: Uncertainty, and the reality of accelerating – almost minute to minute – change, is opening the door for meaningful advice and guidance that expands beyond what we traditionally associate with financial services. While helping clients manage their financial resources is important, it’s not the only area where advice can make a profound difference. There’s a broader spectrum of issues clients are dealing with on a daily basis that can’t necessarily be solved by rebalancing a portfolio. So as a financial advisor, how do you go beyond the balance sheet to discover what matters most to clients and help them achieve it? In this month’s Digest, we’re serving up insights that can broaden your perspective on what it means to deliver value in the evolving advice business.

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July 2021

The Next Frontier Digest - July 2021

The fastest growing age group in the U.S. is people 65 and older, a trend that shows no signs of slowing as medical advances help us live longer, and in many cases, healthier lives. While living longer brings opportunities, it also raises questions. As clients approach what’s been traditionally viewed as retirement age, for example, how do they continue to feel relevant and live meaningful lives that can extend − in some cases − almost as long as their careers? As financial advisors, we should be at the center of issues like these … going beyond the balance sheet to help clients prepare mentally and emotionally for, what I like to call, “the third half of life.” Read on for more on this important topic.

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