Caregiving Conversations: What Advisors Should Know to Help Clients Prepare

Speaker Sherri Snelling  |  June 4, 2020

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As an advisor, engaging in conversations about caregiving and end-of-life decisions with clients can be intimidating. No one wants to talk about getting older, more frail or needing help. But these are exactly the conversations advisors need to have because caregiving can take an emotional, as well as financial, toll on families.

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A lot of us can be extremely intelligent and experienced in what we do. But can we really convey empathy? Can we honestly talk through kind of the emotional side of what’s going on and not just the number side of what we need to think about?

Sherri Snelling

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Sherri Snelling, a corporate gerontologist and author, is the founder and CEO of Caregiving Club, a strategic consulting and content creation firm focused on the $20 billion caregiver health and wellness industry and the $7 trillion longevity economy. As a gerontologist and national caregiving expert, Sherri has been featured on many news networks and is a contributing columnist in a variety of publications. She has participated in caregiving advisory groups for the Alzheimer’s Association, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Centers for Disease Control and the White House Middle Class Task Force. She is a nationally sought speaker at events and conferences represented by the prestigious American Program Bureau.

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