2020 Outlook—A Call For Resilience

2020 Outlook - A Call For Resilience

As we enter 2020 we appear to be in the late part of the economic and market cycles. Late cycle investing can leave many investors wondering whether they should move away from risk in their portfolio or simply stop investing at all. Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII) believes this is the time to focus on resilient equities, fixed income, and real assets.

Gain perspective on improving portfolio resilience in the “2020 Outlook—A Call of Resilience” and get actionable advice to implement in client portfolios.

Other topics addressed in the report include:

  • The implications of slowing global economic growth and low interest rates
  • Where to find opportunities in global equities and fixed income
  • Five moves to help make portfolios more resilient against late-cycle uncertainties

In addition to economic and market forecasts for the remainder of the year, A Call for Resilience also outlines Wells Fargo Investment Institutue’s major investment themes for the year — the growth of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing and potential implications of the 2020 elections cycle.

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