Living in the Post-Truth Covid-19 Era: Becoming Your Best You

Nurse and child looking at each other through a window


Today, in the midst of this global pandemic, common sense behavior is being distorted by an endless and I might add excessive stream of inconsistent messaging.  What’s more, it’s being distributed through the hundreds of digital and social media platforms to which we have developed an acute and unhealthy addiction. This information torrent is further magnifying for many what was an already fragile state of mental, emotional and physical existence pre – Covid 19… and the importance of trusted relationships in achieving and maintaining a sense of well-being.

With the ubiquitous nature of information today, it begs the question, who and what can we trust? Discerning truth from “alternative” facts designed to support a particular point of view, has forced us into a constant state of questioning – questioning not based on authentic curiosity, but rather fueled by perpetual uncertainty. In turn, many of us find ourselves in an emotional dogged cycle of stress leading to anxiety and depression.

In 2016, Oxford Dictionary proclaimed “Post-truth”, word of the year. Consider Oxford’s definition: “Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”. Perhaps a testament to how easy it is to distort the truth as a means to serve one’s “political” agenda. The notion of information manipulation is not new; it has plagued humankind from the start. Perhaps now, it has reached a new and even more consequential crescendo. Starting with the 2016 presidential season, “fake news” has become an even more potent and in some cases a lethal influence weapon.

While what we’re experiencing now may have been unexpected and clearly very challenging, it’s not unprecedented. Significant shocks of all kinds have occurred over time, resulting a Darwin like cycle of victims, adaptors and innovators.  The question is how will you emerge from this pandemic?

You might start with answering this simple question. In the face of this new world reality, where do you turn for advice, counsel and guidance in your quest to achieve the one thing I think we can all agree matters, a sense of well-being?

It starts with a trusted person in your life. Someone who listens with curiosity and openness. A person that works tirelessly to understand what matters most to you. An individual who helps you craft the questions only you can answer. The one person you trust to hold the canvas while you apply the colors that depict the image of your well-being world.

Who is that someone in your life? It is only after you have created your own map of what really matters, can you then authentically help others cultivate and capture well-being. If we learn one thing from this moment in time, my hope is that you will aspire to be that person for others. Don’t just adapted, innovate.  Welcome to The Next Frontier.

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