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Caregiving Conversations: What Advisors Should Know to Help Clients Prepare

As an advisor, engaging in conversations about caregiving and end-of-life decisions with clients can be intimidating. No one wants to talk about getting older, more frail or needing help. But these are exactly the conversations advisors need to have because caregiving can take an emotional, as well as financial, toll on families.

By having these conversations with your own family — and facilitating them with your clients — you can play an important role in the lives of a growing client base of caregivers and help facilitate well-being.

This webcast will help you understand:

  • The complex and rapidly changing caregiving landscape
  • Practical strategies to have meaningful conversations with loved ones about caregiving needs
  • How to become an educated and empathetic asset for your clients in their caregiving journeys

Presented by: Sherri Snelling - Corporate Gerontologist, Founder and CEO – Caregiving Club

About the presenter:

As a gerontologist and national caregiving expert, Sherri has been featured on many news networks and is a contributing columnist in a variety of publications.

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